DBFI Coaching

Disrupt Bias, Foster Inclusion
the missing link to successfully implementing diversity, equity, + inclusion efforts

It is critical that we examine our own socialization.

To what extent are we creating relationships, practices, behaviors, and thoughts that lead to liberatory outcomes or perpetuate domination and subordination?

DBFI Defined – Disrupt Bias + Foster Inclusion

DBFI is an immersive, confidential, and safe space for leaders to explore their own journey, regardless of their current position on the acceptance spectrum. Culture Shift’s coaches possess a unique combination of ability and expertise to support senior leaders as they navigate organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges.

We provide a platform for leaders to ask questions, express biases, and discuss habitual working patterns for constructive exploration. We operate under the guiding principle of honoring the dignity of each individual in the program.

Heighten Awareness

Heighten awareness of implicit biases, their impact on personal behavior and business results

Intersectional systems

Provide an intersectional equity and systems lens to workplace interactions, teams, policies and culture. 

Concrete Tools

Provide leaders with concrete tools to implement best DEI practices.

Cultural Agility

Increase cultural agility when navigating difference

Safe Space

Be a safe space for deep reflection, learning, and shifting of mindsets and behaviors.

Personal Growth

Support personal growth and embodiment of a unique leadership style.

What’s the problem?

There is a common challenge in organizations trying to implement initiatives to support diversity in the workplace. Because they are doing so, with good intention, but missing the pre-work required to raise the critical consciousness of senior leadership teams. DBFI was born out of the need to fill the gap between the effort and the outcome and is a critical and complementary component to raising awareness and achieving truly equitable, inclusive, innovative spaces where everyone experiences a sense of inclusion and belonging.
DBFI is a safe and confidential space for leaders to engage in necessary conversations and receive the required education to move the needle on sustainable DEI initiatives.
DBFI is successful, because it works across the firm and down. The Cohorts intentionally cross silos to include senior executives, and also work down verticals with intact teams. Why is this important? To work within the natural connection points within teams for program effectiveness.
There is a cultural gap in recognizing and discussing DEI issues.
Senior leaders must be fully supportive of DEI initiatives for successful integration throughout the company.

“Transformation is a process, not an event.”

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