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Unlocking Potential through DBFI Coaching for Inclusive Workplaces

“...a liberatory consciousness enables humans to live outside the patterns of thought and behavior learned through the socialization process that helps to perpetuate oppressive systems.”

Unlocking Potential through DBFI Executive Coaching


Welcome to our Disrupt Bias, Foster Inclusion (DBFI) Executive Coaching program – a transformational journey that equips leaders with the awareness, skills, and tools they need to lead in ways that innovate, sustain, promote, support and celebrate diversity, ensuring your workplace is inclusive and equitable.

Heighten Awareness

Heighten awareness of implicit biases, their impact on personal behavior and business results

Intersectional systems

Provide an intersectional equity and systems lens to workplace interactions, teams, policies and culture. 

Concrete Tools

Provide leaders with concrete tools to implement best DEI practices.

Cultural Agility

Increase cultural agility when navigating difference

Safe Space

Be a safe space for deep reflection, learning, and shifting of mindsets and behaviors.

Personal Growth

Support personal growth and embodiment of a unique leadership style.

About DBFI

Our immersive coaching and workshop program is a hybrid of curriculum of individual coaching and group coaching. It’s designed to support leaders cultivate consciousness. Because personal growth and organizational development are inextricably linked, we intentionally focus on the individual, which inturn deeply impacts the organization.

What Sets DBFI Coaching Apart

We’re just different. Our coaching house consists of unicorns who sit at the intersection of experience and efficiency. We understand that every organization is unique, and our program is customized to address your specific needs and challenges. Our secret power is the ability to move from assessment to excavation, to deepen understanding prior to action.

The Structure

DBFI takes participants through three distinct phases that are rooted in the idea that the path to inclusivity in the workplace begins when leaders deepen their awareness of self, the systems in which they operate, and begin to understand how each can serve as a bridge, or barrier, to real and sustainable inclusivity.

Somatic implementation




Hear From Our Clients

“Transformation is a process, not an event.”

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Join us on the path to creating a workplace where diversity, inclusion, and belonging are not just buzzwords but integral aspects of your organizational culture. 

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